About Tanya Wheeler

Tanya WheelerSouth African jewellery designer, Tanya Wheeler, grew up in the Cape on a farm, surrounded by mountains, rivers and the plants and creatures which inhabit them. She trained in Durban and is a qualified goldsmith, and uses nature to inspire her beautiful jewellery.

Established in 2006, her core aspirations remain unchanged; to make great quality, wearable jewellery, which is  originally designed and well priced.

Tanya Wheeler’s jewellery designs are an extension of herself and her own style. She believes in layering her jewellery and personalizing each piece in a way that expresses the identity of the wearer and spirit of freedom.

‘Her designs are  intimate and personal-this is jewellery you’ll feel comfortable enough to wear every day.’

Inspired by her signature links collection of images of bubbles overlapping and reflecting colour and light. A circle in the link jewellery collection is a reflection of eternity. It has no beginning and it has no end, and if you place circles over each other a spiral is formed, which symbolises birth, growth and expansion of consciousness.

Each range is made entirely by hand and includes silver and gold-plated pieces combined with these elements she introduces semi-precious stones, silk and cords too add a splash of colour. ‘Feminine, playful, and spiritual, her creations are also delicate and yet modern classics.

From Tanya Wheeler:

I am influenced and inspired on a daily basis by close friends,and people around me’, says Tanya, who believes that jewellery is a wonderful form of self-expression and individuality. ‘I like people who like my jewellery. they are not slaves to fashion; they tend to be more concerned about personality and craftsmanship. They care about quality and they like things that are quirky and individual.’

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